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Welcome to Riding Innovations! On this site you will discover Jacquelyn's innovative approach to educating both horse and rider to create a riding environment in which education, understanding and communication breed success.

Since Jacquelyn has been involved with horses in one facet or another for most of her life,  she has seen the frustration that results from miscommunication between horse and rider. When Jacquelyn decided to become a professional trainer,  she didn't want to be "just another trainer".  Jacquelyn aspired to be the  best educator she could. Several years ago, Jacquelyn embarked on a mission to study training methods across all disciplines and learned from other trainer's successes and failures along the way.  Jacquelyn  wanted to see what methods worked for them, and what methods she could incorporate into  her own system.  Jacquelyn read countless books, watched hundreds of videos, attended numerous clinics, and apprenticed with numerous trainers from the East Coast to the West Coast. They were all valuable experiences, but Jacquelyn still hadn't found what she was looking for.

LightnessFinally, Jacquelyn's journey led her to Mark Russell and his acclaimed book, "Lessons In Lightness".   Jacquelyn realized immediately that this system was a perfect fit with her personal training philosophy and mission of building the bond between horse and rider to create highly competitive pairs.

Jacquelyn found a method to teach connection with elasticity from the ground which made accomplishing it under saddle much more accessible for the rider. This, coupled with centered riding skills, produces a more relaxed and elastic horse and rider - a very difficult accomplishment for any instructor to achieve.

We invite you to explore this site and contact Jacquelyn for more information.

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